If you’re looking for the perfect idea for a group outing, team-building activity or other corporate events, our 18-foot Mega SUPs (Stand Up Paddle Boards) are what you seek. Whether an incentive or reward for a group, a wellness or stress-management outing or a team-building experience, a Big SUP outing with our professional staff is the ultimate group activity for visitors to the coast — and a great way to bring groups together.

When people share a new experience, or work together to solve a problem or overcome a challenge, teamwork is fostered and relationships are built. Team Paddle Boarding is indeed a new experience for most people. And, even those who have paddle boarded before, most likely have never done it on a Big, Mega SUP. Paddling with a group – as part of a team – is an excellent opportunity to learn to work together in a fun, low-stress environment while experiencing nature in a truly unique and exciting way. And, for larger groups, two Mega SUP Paddle Boards provide an opportunity for some friendly Group vs. Group competition.

Without exception, our paddling trips and team building events begin with several individuals learning a new activity in a natural setting – and they end with one group sharing laughter and stories about one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Even without a team-building agenda, group paddling is the perfect team-bonding evolution and one of the best ways to build memories and connections that will truly last a lifetime.

For our team-building programs, we take cooperation to the next level. First, we utilize Giant Mega SUPs designed for 7-8 paddlers — which immediately demands teamwork. Learning to paddle a Mega SUP effectively requires a high-degree of cooperation and teamwork. We further build team spirit by giving participants the opportunity to work together to reach a goal, solve a problem or compete in a friendly competition against the other team.

Finally, with paddling and cooperation skills honed, the teams return as one group – paddling together and helping each other overcome any challenges they may face along the way. Of course, the challenges are usually created by our guides, but occasionally we have help from our guests. With guidance from our staff of professional paddlers and team building experts, the group is given a task requiring them to use new skills and knowledge – proving to themselves that together they can do anything.

Our guided Paddle Board trips and events help people and groups learn, grow and find the mindset and tools to work through new experiences effectively — both as individuals and as a team. In a safe and comfortable environment, your group will find it fun and easy to try new things and open their minds to new ideas and effective ways of thinking and working together.

Contact our staff for details or to schedule your next team building event. If you’re a meeting and/or event planner and you are already working with a destination services coordinator, simply ask them to make sure Mega SUPs and Team Building are on the list of available activities and we’ll coordinate with them to ensure your group has an ideal on-water experience.

About our Team Building Programs

Jennifer and Pete Koerner are some of the most innovative thinkers in the Team Building arena today. Jennifer has been a successful teammate and team builder for more than 30-years. She is a Peak Performance consultant and has owned a private practice in St. Marys, Georgia for almost two-decades. As an entrepreneur, Jennifer has conceived, created and successfully operated several new businesses and has helped many of her clients and employees do the same for themselves. As an athlete, Jennifer played team sports throughout her school career and worked as a professional firefighter for more than 10-years. Jennifer has coached sports teams as well as amateur and professional athletes seeking to improve their focus and performance. Jennifer is also a world class kayaker who’s spent the last 20-years leading outdoor retreats and expeditions for groups of up to 40-people — introducing them to nature while sharing with them the concepts of living an excellent life. Jennifer has organized and facilitated team building events and activities for dozens of the countries largest and most successful companies. Few people understand as well as Jennifer the importance of mental clarity, focus and mastery and the roles these things play in creating successful outcomes in business and in life.

Pete Koerner is a cited authority on mental and emotional resilience and has published a book and hundreds of articles on the power of the human mind to create successful outcomes. Like Jennifer, Pete was also an athlete and has played and coached both baseball and football as well as working as a firefighter and State Fire Academy instructor for many years — building successful teams capable of battling and overcoming even the most difficult problems in the most challenging conditions. Pete has owned and operated Adventures Up The Creek since 1997 and, in addition to being a professional kayaker and group expedition leader, has helped organize and facilitate team building events and activities for some of the finest resorts and largest corporations in America.

Our team building programs are based on years of training and experience and are designed to impart a timeless philosophy on life and business — “We’re all in this together.” With Giant SUPs, the metaphor is immediately obvious and eye-opening to all participants. A Mega SUP is like a Big Business; it takes many people doing many different jobs to achieve a goal or reach a destination. It takes a team. And when a group of people learns to communicate effectively and work together in harmony, they become a winning team and no goal is beyond their reach. Whether using Giant, 10-person War Canoes, Big, 8-person Mega SUPs or our Huge fleet of Kayaks, our team building activities are Big Fun and get amazing results.